Protest gegen Uploadfilter in der Urheberrechtsreform und TERREG

Protest for the right to encrypted communication on the Internet.


Urheberrechtsreform in Deutschland: Die zweite Lesung steht an.

Call: Write to your members of the Bundestag!

The national implementation of the copyright reform is on its way. However, members of the Bundestag still have the chance to introduce changes.

And now it's up to you. How? Write to them! Whether e-mail, letter or fax - remind them that they are YOUR representatives and tell them what YOU think of the decision!

Here are two ways to quickly get all the contact information you need for your representatives.
1) Via the Bundestag website
  • Navigate to:
  • Enter your postal code
  • Select the deputy of your choice
  • There you will find the address of the MP's office, a direct contact option (click on the letter below the address), and usually the personal website and social media profiles
Some politicians (such as Philipp Amthor) also provide a fax number on their personal website. So if you want to adapt to the digital state of the Bundestag: Two minutes of research are worth it! However, they are also very happy to receive letters to the office of the MP.
2) Via Abgeordnetenwatch
  • Navigate to:
  • Enter your postal code
  • Select the deputies profile
  • Scroll down to the "Related links", which will take you to various contact options. Often members of parliament indicate their own website here, or at least social media channels from which you can access the website or an imprint.
  • Alternatively, you can ask your questions directly via Abgeordnetenwatch
Agonizingly long legally formulated texts are boring. That's why we don't want to offer you a pre-written text here, which will end up in the trash with just one click anyway. Of course, we still have a few tips:
  • Write what is on your mind and your thoughts on the topic
  • Tell them why you are unhappy and which upcoming restrictions you are not keen on.
  • Sagt offen und authentisch, welche Emotionen die Urheberrechtsreform in Euch auslöst. Fragt ruhig durch die Blume, ob der Politiker Lack gesoffen hat, aber bitte beleidigt nicht stumpf.
  • Make suggestions for improvement if you have any or have read them elsewhere
  • Ask questions that really interest you (even if you could just google them)
  • Refers to statements on reform that you liked
  • It does not have to be a page-long letter. Limit yourself to the basic principle. Or summarize your message in 160 characters to underline how little that is

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Sign the Petition

Write E-Mails and Letters

Get creative

Sign the Citizens' initiative

Against uploadfilters and surveillance. For a free and fair internet.
Freedom for the memes!

We support and refer to the calls of and Marcel Kolaja to get active. Write letters and emails to members of the EU Parliament or to the government of your country, expressing your concerns. Take a moment and write! 

Durch Memes, E-Mails, Tweets und dezentrale Aktionen können wir es gemeinsam schaffen, dem Thema wieder eine breite Aufmerksamkeit zu geben.

Bist Du YouTuber? Mach ein Video! Bist Du Influencer auf Instagram? Rede darüber!

Koordiniere dich mit uns auf unserem Discord, schreib ein Kommentar ans BMJV, ruf deine Abgeordneten an und werde Teil der Bewegung gegen die Zensurmaschine.

Surveillance? The collection and analysis of our biometric data through private corporations and now also by the state's authorities have to be put in their place.

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