Protest against upload filters in the copyright reform and #TERREG


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With well over five million supporters, we are one of the biggest online petitions ever! Be a part of this movement and show the politicians that you are no friend of this careless reform! Let us prove to the politicians together that million citizens the future of the Internet everything else than it does not matter!

Through memes, e-mails, tweets and decentralized actions, we can manage together to give the topic broad attention again. Coordinate with us on our discord, write a comment to the BMJV, call your members of parliament and become part of the movement against the censorship machine.


Meme-Contest and other actions to participate

Participate in the meme-contest or take your favorite memes and send them to your friends and members of parliament.

Nutzt du das Internet. Dann tue Dinge! Bist du Youtuber? Mach ein Video, Influencer auf Instagram. Tu es! Rede darüber. Schafft Aufmerksamkeit und beteiligt euch am Protest gegen die Zerstörung unseres Internets, wie wir es kennen.








Get active, inform yourself, write to your delegates. By mail, by letter or also with pleasure via FAX!

Together we can provide the necessary pressure to ensure that the laws are created with expert knowledge and the view of the critics and that our Internet as we know it will not be destroyed.

Open letters and statements:

Open letter from 12 associations and organizations : pdf

CCC-speaker Linus Neumann: Homepage

The best summary in understandable language in the Blogg of meetshaus: Homepage

The UN special representatives warn in their letter: pdf

Reporter for TERREG in the EU-Parliament - Patrick Breyer: Homepage

Article about TERREG on Homepage

Statement of eco-International - Association of the Internet Industry: pdf

Take an appropriate quote and send it with your own comment or meme!