About us

Behind SaveTheInternet is a growing group of people who all share the same goal: saving the internet. Although our members have come together using a digital platform, they act cross-medially and across the entire German-speaking world. In doing so, our initiative positions itself independently of political parties or economic interest groups and also distances itself from political orientations. As a free collective, we are constantly expanding our reach and at the same time place a high value on the anonymity and security of our members.

Through a large-scale information campaign and a petition, we were able to persuade many members of the European Parliament to initially reject the copyright reform, which had already been heavily criticized in the run-up to the reform, and to take an in-depth look at the arguments of SaveTheInternet. Our main points of criticism were the threat of censorship in the social media, as well as the charging of links to news sites and the associated slowdown in the free flow of information on the internet. Thanks to the extensive commitment of our members, we have succeeded in bringing an unpopular topic to the center of society. Although we received many negative votes from the ranks of those responsible, almost all political associations and consumer protection groups stood behind us and supported our criticism.

Our group is organized through various websites and is in constant contact with each other. Our people are active on the streets to distribute flyers, phone politicians, journalists and influencers, organize demos and information stands or take care of the website, videos and promotional material. Our policy is purely factual and our main goal is to inform the people about the planned changes in the law and the effects they will have.

Besides our website, we are also active on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. In addition, we take to the streets and network within the framework of political events.

Our campaigns are financed both from the self-financing of the initiators and from the private funds of our activists. Since November the 5th 2018 we have launched a GoFundMe-Campaign to stay active. We were not on any payroll and refuse to do so in the future. The work of our activists is purely voluntary and takes place exclusively in their free time to bring the contents of our campaigns closer to the population.

You can easily contact us via our contact form under Contact or you can send us an e-mail directly. You can find our e-mail address in our imprint.

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