Or how the EU calls it: "Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on atemporary derogation from certain provisions of Directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the use of technologies by number-independent interpersonal communications service providers for the processing of personal and other data for the purpose of combatting child sexual abuse online“


Aktueller Stand (08.07.2021)

The EU legalized chat control with a large majority on 06.07.2021. This is the first exception to the ePrivacy Regulation, which has not even been adopted yet.

Our private chats and mails may now be screened en masse, without suspicion and fully automated by means of AI to search for child pornography, abuse and grooming.


Very important, we are talking about legalization here, so MAY, an obligation, so MUST, is still to follow in December! With this, the secure end-to-end encryption could find its end.

Actual purpose

Prosecution of child pornography, abuse and "grooming" (so-called attempts at solicitation)

Dangers and Criticism

The application of search algorithms is allowed without a predefined maximum error rate. Also, the AI system used does not require any approval from a data protection institution.

The possible error rate is up to 86%. It is left to the authorities to compensate for this.

The potentially suspicious material detected is automatically forwarded to the authorities without further review.

Digital privacy of correspondence adé. Our digital conversations would simply all be allowed to be searched, without any exception.


The legal content misreported by AI, such as sexting and nude pictures, must be verified by the authorities with your real name.


The authorities do not have to provide information about false reports and initiated investigations. Users also do not have to be informed that they are under suspicion and that someone is reading their private messages.

Abuse is not prevented, it is simply driven further underground and thus even more difficult to detect. Child abusers have already found other ways to share than Gmail. To quote the open letter of the gbs: If privacy is criminal, only criminals have privacy

Chat control is a waste of resources needed for effective prosecution of child abuse.


How many messages do you estimate are written per minute? With an error rate of up to 86%, the authorities will be busy day and night analysing the reported suspicious cases. This time and money should rather be invested in reasonable efforts.

Such a measure represents an unprovoked and generalized mass surveillance in which everyone is under suspicion. We are not alone in believing that such surveillance is contrary to the Basic Law.


Und Jetzt?

Die Lage rund um die Folgeverordnung der Chatkontrolle, die die Überwachung von privaten Chats verpflichtend machen soll, spitzt sich weiter zu. Jedoch hat Widerstand schon gute Aussichten auf Erfolg!

  • Die Inhalte der neuen Verordnung stoßen auf gigantischen Gegenwind in der Bevölkerung, sodass sich über 80% der befragten Bürgerinnen und Bürger der EU deutlich gegen die geplanten Gesetze positioniert haben. Allein aufgrund des lautstarken Protests musste die Vorlage der Verordnung durch die EU-Kommission nun sogar schon mehrfach verschoben werden.

  • Die geplante Verordnung verstößt gegen unsere elementaren EU-Grundrechte und Datenschutzverordnungen.

  • Sie arbeitet zudem völlig an ihrem Ziel vorbei! 86% der durch die bestehende Chatkontrolle entstandenen Strafanzeigen betreffen unschuldige Bürgerinnen und Bürger!


Dr. Patrick Bayer versammelt nun zahlreiche Betroffene von Missbrauch um sich, die ursprünglich durch die bereits legalisierte Chatkontrolle geschützt werden sollten. Gemeinsam wird jetzt verdeutlicht, dass das Unterfangen nicht hält, was es verspricht: Schutz gegen sexuellen Missbrauch im Internet.


Steh auch Du auf für Deine Rechte und stelle Dich gemeinsam mit uns gegen die Vernichtung von Privatsphäre, Datenschutz und rechtmäßiger Strafverfolgung.

Gemeinsam können wir das Ende dieser Verordnung bewirken, bevor sie überhaupt entstehen kann!


Werde aktiv!

What the hell?
Yeah, you read correctly. Surveillance of chats. Perfectly legal.

In the course of prosecuting child pornography, abuse and "grooming", the EU allows Google, Facebook and co., generally email and messaging providers, to legally screen all our private chats and mails en masse, without suspicion and fully automated using AI.

The material found will then be reported directly to the police, even without further human verification. The error rate of up to 86% will then have to be compensated for by the responsible authorities.

Apart from the fact that child abuse will not really be prevented by this initiative - of course, child abusers certainly use gmail *eye-roll* - and the authorities will be massively overloaded with false reports, we feel this is a fierce invasion of our privacy.

Filters still make too many mistakes, striking at holiday photos, intimate flirting as well as sexting between adults and perfectly legal nude pictures that then have to be viewed by authorities with your real name... "Oh wow, Anna's got huge boobs, and just look at Paul's dong!"

And you will never know about it, because no one has to inform you about suspicions against you.


It will not end with the legalization of chat control. This is just a first step. The EU Commission is currently preparing a legislative proposal to make chat control mandatory for all email and messaging providers. This would also weaken end-to-end encryption and finally bury digital privacy of correspondence.

The media hardly report on the topic. It is therefore a matter of the heart for us to inform about it and to create awareness.


(Hoffentlich legales Meme…)

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