Save the Internet

The Internet is in danger and you can save it!

Hey! What are you uploading?

Upload filters and other interventions massively threaten our freedom on the Internet.

But the EU copyright reform, now also under the pretext of fighting supposed illegal content with the current TERREG regulation.

Consumer protectors and experts criticize the plans and urge legislators to strengthen user rights in the digital age.
FREEDOM FOR THE MEMES! No meme is illegal!
Memes are in principle copyright violations and therefore illegal. They usually remain only because of their sheer quantity and usually only through the toleration of the rights holders.
We demand freedom for the net culture, especially the freedom of memes as a new work or extended citation.
We demand that stronger user rights and therefore basic civil rights are taken seriously and that the imbalance between monopolized service providers and oversized rights exploiters be addressed.
SaveTheInternet is a group of people who have come together in the course of the copyright reform to point out the dangers of a one-sided reform and to stand up for users and creative people.
Together with many allies, we were the organizers of the Europe-wide demonstrations on Article 13 and have launched the world's largest net-political petition with now over 5.3 million signatures. Further information on the "about us" page
Become active. Inform yourself and help to defend a free and fair network.

SaveTheInternet is a non-profit organization. All donations are used exclusively for educational work. Flyer, demonstrations and trips to members of parliament and the website will financed and made possible by it.

What can you do?

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If you want to support us and our project, we would appreciate a donation via GoFundMe.
Through memes, e-mails, Tweets and decentralized actions we can together manage to give the topic a broad attention again. Coordinate with us on our Discord, write a comment to the BMJV, your delegates to and become part of the movement against the censorship machine.
With well over five million supporters, we are one of the largest online petitions of all times! Be a part of this movement and show the politicians that you are no friend of this ill-considered reform! Let's prove together to the politicians that millions of citizens care about the future of the internet!